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What is This Promotion?

You can earn rewards for sending your likeminded friends to tour one of our participating resorts throughout the duration of this promotion.

How Does It Work?

Freedom 365 Rewards are awarded for various services and activities as defined in promotional materials.

What is the Cost?

There are absolutely no costs or fees to participate.

Who is eligible?

All ARC Resorts owners are eligible.

What do I get?

Members receive Freedom 365 Rewards for various promotions at select, participating resorts as determined solely by ARC Resorts.

What are Freedom 365 Rewards worth?

Freedom 365 Rewards are worth one cent each. For example, 10,000 Rewards are worth $100 USD.
Freedom 365 Rewards can be redeemed for cash and are dispersed via a check to the owner(s) of record and address on file.

Do I still receive 10,000 Freedom 365 Rewards if my friends buy a referral package, visit the resort, but do not tour?

No, your friends must tour for you to receive 10,000 Freedom 365 Rewards.

Do I receive credit for my friends if they tour under a different marketing promotion?

No, your friends must tour through the Freedom 365 Rewards marketing promotions. To alleviate any confusion, please call the appropriate Freedom 365 Rewards number to book your friends.

How do I get credit for a referral tour?

Please follow the Formula for Success.

How do I redeem Freedom 365 Rewards? 

Contact the Freedom 365 Rewards Customer Service department at 855-371-7554 or via e-mail at Please provide the Social Security Number of the owner of record and allow 21 days for redemption.

Who is the owner of record?

Multiple owners on one deed must designate one contact person who is the “owner of record” for Rewards purposes. Only the owner of record is eligible to receive Freedom 365 Rewards.

How long do Freedom 365 Rewards last?

Freedom 365 Rewards are valid for two (2) years from the date of issue.